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6 Benefits of solar Energy | Solar energy provider, Los Angeles

Remember the 90s? Of course you don’t! Only the 90s kids will remember. We had these calculators with tiny solar panels on them and as a kid you’d type in a number and then put your finger over the panel and the numbers would slowly fade away. Felt like you were choking the life out of something, before it came back. Well now we see those panels on houses or serving as the roof of a carpark. Getting ahold of a solar energy provider, Los angeles, is becoming easier and easier. There are also major benefits from making the switch.

  1. Renewable

It’s renewable! Completely renewable in fact. Renewable energy is something we need as we’re lacking in renewable resources, and now I’ve said renewable so many times that it’s lost all meaning and it’s just a weird sound. Renewable. Your mouth does a funny thing when you say it slowly. Regardless, it’s the most obvious and the largest benefit not only to the end user but the environment as a whole. We’ve relied so heavily on non renewable sources of energy that we’ve changed the planet permanently. Maybe we can’t effect change on the global scale but each individual effort is worth something.

  1. You can make money by doing nothing

As John Mulaney puts it “Percentage wise, it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them, and so much fun not to do them…”

Your solar panel can literally make you money while you do nothing. They collect power throughout the day and it’s possible that you won’t use it all. The excess energy created flows back into the grid in order to supply others with the power you aren’t using, and then you get a check. Congratulations, you’re an energy provider now.

That’s not the only way they can provide you with extra cash for doing nothing but let the panel bathe in the warm glow of flaming ball of space gas. This way is less, “Here’s a check in the mail” and more “I have more of money.” You rely less on the grid and the provider in your area. Hence, you’ll use less of their power and therefore your electric bill will drop. I won’t say that it’ll go to zero, it probably won’t because we all like to do things at night. But it will make a significant impact. You can ask a solar energy provider, Los Angeles, about the specifics for your area.

  1. Low Upkeep

A solar panel has no moving parts. For the less mechanically inclined, like myself, you’re probably like “Okay… So?” Well that means that they run a very low risk of breaking down due to a mechanical failure. Combine that with a low number of breakpoints and you get a system that doesn’t break down easily, or often. So the costs of general maintenance and upkeep are extremely low. Most Solar Energy Providers offer warranties on their equipment that can last as long as 10 years. There are bits that might need to be replaced but that’s often not until at least 5 years into your use of the panel.

  1. Diverse uses

There’s all manner of different types of solar panels and different applications for them. Not all the solar panels just get plopped down in a field or screwed to the roof of a house. Regardless of your needs there’s a solar panel that will suit them. You can even get some that don’t rely on direct sunlight. (crazy world) If you have the look but still want some Solar goodness Sharp released a Solar panel window. You can find something that’ll work for you regardless of the need or context.

  1. Increase the value of your home

Like any substantial addition to your home, they add value. Having a solar system in place can raise the value of your home by as much as $30,000 (Medium sized home). On top of the value provided month to month, you also gain extra value if you decide to sell or pass it down to your kids.

  1. Make the money back

The biggest argument against upgrading to solar energy is the high upfront cost of the installation and the purchase of the solar system. $3.56 per watt was the average in 2018 for Los Angeles. Sounds low until you consider that we usually measure power usage in Kilowatts. On average people who decide to install solar make their money back is 5 years. It’s a long term investment and there’s no way around that. Like any good thing though, it takes time and the patient are rewarded.


Aside from the high upfront costs there’s really no reason you shouldn’t make the switch to solar. I understand that’s a big ask when it can be so expensive to install but the end goal will be saving money and helping propagate renewable energy. You can get in touch with a solar energy provider, Los Angeles, and discuss the specifics of your situation. Do it todaty.

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