Six tips on saving electricity

It is no secret that every one of us is curious about the possible ways of cutting down the electricity bills. Well, here are some practical tips to consider and save some money over your next month’s bill. Although some of the suggestions sound like no brainer, they are beneficial.

Turn off lights and other appliances after using them

Yes – this tip sounds like a no brainer. However, a surprising number of homes waste electricity over idling electric devices ranging from light bulbs to cooling/heating units. Make sure that you switch off the computer, printers, routers when you call it a day.

Replace your old lights with LED

Gone are the days you had to use conventional lights to get necessary illumination. Now, you can replace all those incandescent lights with LED lights. These LED lights create significantly efficient lighting with a very less amount of power. These LEDs can even cut down up to 80% of the regular power consumption. These LEDs last longer, generate less heat and requires zero maintenance.

Go for a solar energy provider, Los Angeles

Solar power, by far, is the greenest (eco-friendliest) source of energy. If you can use solar panels, that is an astute investment for the years to come. Once installed, solar panels produce electricity with absolutely zero carbon footprint. It doesn’t provide any waste. More importantly, solar power doesn’t cost you anything at all (despite the initial cost at the installation). If you live in Los Angeles, you get plenty of sunlight for most of the year. So, you can talk to solar energy provider Los Angeles (Solar Santa Claus, for instance) and see the possibility of getting your house empowered with solar energy.

Keep the doors and curtains shut

Another simple but surprisingly effective approach is to keep your doors and curtains closed. By keeping the doors closed, you can retain the heat or cool within the room. If you are using an air conditioner within the said room, you can maintain the cool by closing the door. During hot days, close the curtains during the day time. Such an approach helps you to keep sunlight away from your room and expect less heat.

Assess your home’s energy consumption

Take some time and analyze the energy consumption in your house. This approach will help you to get a clear idea about the activities that consume a high amount of energy.

Set the ideal temperature for the fridge

It is true that your refrigerator consumes a substantial amount of energy throughout the day. This appliance is never switched off, so maintaining the appropriate temperature is compulsory. Set the refrigerator’s temperature to be 50 Celsius. The freezer should run at a minus 15.

In addition to that, it is essential to have proper insulation on your roof if you expect more efficient energy consumption. Proper insulation will require 20% less energy to cool or heat the house.

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